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Access Passport.js user information from connection using angular as client. Angular-Passport-Auth-SIO

This is a fork from the following

Major League help from Michael Robinson at faceleg

This is a complete demonstration of, passport, passport.socketio, firebird sql and angular.

I've included all the code for those it might help.



  • To install in windows from command prompt

  • md nodedemo

  • cd nodedemo

  • git clone

  • npm install

  • node server

  • install firebird and copy from adjuster.gdb from \database to wherever desired and change \Angular-Passport-Auth-SIO\server\models\cfg\cfg.json

  • in browser http://localhost:8000

  • [Firebird] ( ( open source sql database and can easily be replaced by mysql.

  • [] Henri Gourvest essential repo for using node with firebird

  • I use the database for local authentication (see \Server\Models\User.js)

  • socket.js uses the authenication credentials to bring only the data for logged in user. See \Server\socket.js and Usage

  • I will refactor this code asap to make it more efficient

  • After installing copy the ADJUSTER.GDB database to desired directory, make sure firebird service is running and change path on the "database" line in server / models / cfg / cfg.json file.


    socket.on('getclaims', function (data) {
        var user = socket.handshake.session;//.user_id;
        var adj = user.req.session.req.user.adjusterid; // added to passport
        console.log('== get only open claims for authenticated useer ', adj)
        qrystr = 'select CLAIM_ID "id", CLAIM_NO "title" , INSURED_ID, CLAIM_TYPE "type", ADJUSTER_ID, ACCOUNT_REP_ID "reporter" , INSURANCE_COMPANY_ID "assignee"  , \
            description,status "status",   DATE_OF_LOSS, POLICY_NUMBER,REPORTED,RECOVERY_COMMENTS,RECEIVED from CLAIM where ADJUSTER_ID= ? and status = 1 ';
        console.log('qrystr: ', qrystr, [adj ]);
        database.execute(qrystr, [adj], function (err, results, fields) {
            var jsondata = new Array();
            wrapJson(results, fields, jsondata);
            output = {"Claims": jsondata};
            socket.emit('initclaims', output);


Thanks to all who helped.