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Print labels, stick them, then scan with your smartphone to get the deets
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Inventory manager


This project helps manage inventory like so:

  1. Connect a DYMO label maker and launch this service.
  2. Open the service in your browser and enter enter details (datasheets, URLs, etc.) for an item.
  3. Print the PDF 417 label and stick it on your inventory.
  4. Repeat for all your inventory.

Then, just scan any label with your smartphone to get the deets - most barcode reader apps will work.


Connect your label maker, install DYMO Label ("DLS" only - "Label Framework" is included in this project), then run:

npm install
node server.js

How it works

The server.js script will server web requests for data under public/. The index uses jspm to transpile ES6 to ES5. This JavaScript application uses the DYMO framework to communicate with a label maker connected to the machine running server.js (with caveats - see Known issues). The framework communicates by issuing HTTP requests to a (binary) service managed by launchd (or Services on Windows I guess). This webservice uses DYMO's proprietary API to communicate with the label maker device.

When the server starts, these things happen:

  • Portscan for the DYMO web service (see Known issues)
  • Start http-server and immediately start serving web requests - this service proxies requests to the DYMO web service
  • Install browser dependencies by running jspm.install()


  1. Proof of concept - Run in browser console (done)
  2. Remote usage - e.g. Use your smartphone (done, but hacky - see Known issues #1, 2, and 3)
  3. Inventory UI - Inventory IDs and other information, label/URL association, errata CRUD
  4. Cloud storage integration - use Dropbox API to store inventory index and errata
  5. Dynamic address - change the service's address without reprinting all your labels (for free)

Known issues

  1. DYMO service binds to "localhost" only, but we want to use this service remotely, so I have to changing the protocol, scheme, and port used by the DYMO JS library on the fly (see get service() in app.js).
  2. To acheive #1, had to portscan for service, and evilscan was busted, so we're not following mainline branch for this npm package (see
  3. To achieve #1, had to patch http-server npm package (see - TLS cert couldn't be verified, so add ability to proxy insecurely.
  4. DYMO service crashes when (restart with supervisorctl or LaunchControl):
    • Trying to create a label with empty object text (e.g. .setObjectText(BARCODE_OBJECT_NAME, '');)
    • Trying to create a label undefined printer name (e.g. .renderLabel(xml, params, undefined);)
    • Trying to print QR code in size that's too big for tape (e.g. "Medium" on 1/2" tape)
  5. Changes to the DYMO service may break this project, because we're pinned to the framework version in this repo (no repo available through npm or jspm).
  6. UI takes a long time to load, because assets are not load-optimized - do this manually by running jspm bundle app.js and uncomment the line in index.html.

Reference material

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