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Johnvh's dotfiles


Structured as packages that are installable using GNU Stow. Stow is installable on Mac via homebrew - brew install stow.

After stow is installed, install any of the packages (top level directories are packages) by passing the dir name to stow:

# make sure target directory is correct!
stow --target ~ vim git

Or run the install script for preconfigured options:

# sets target dir to ~, includes ignore patterns, etc.
./ vim git

# use -n for dry run
./ -n vim git

I recommend using stow's --no-folding option when installing the packages bash, binstuff and git. I would recommend letting tree-folding do it's thing when installing the vim package, or else you'll end up with each file in every plugin bundle symlinked, instead of one symlink for the plugin directory.