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(not yet working) A psuedo-proxy server that allows you to track how users navigate external sites

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Tracking Proxy is a service that lets you track the sites that a user navigates through, by passing all the requests through a service and transforming the responses to keep the user on that service.

This is a market research/study tool. Don't use it to do bad things.

js wrapper usage

There is a wrapper (public/tproxy.js) which should give a simple way to access the proxy.

Currently depends on the jQuery library.


This is how you create a link the the proxy, returns a link to that proxy (though TProxy will also act as this object too)



This gives a url which the user can visit to the tracking. The url returned might end up directing the user to a warning page, so this should be used rather than guessing the url from the endpoint.

var url = TProxy.url('http://example/page.html');


Retrieves a list of the urls that a user has visited.

  console.log("Urls visited:", url_list);
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