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Apache Cordova 4 Programming

This repository contains the Cordova source code for the application projects highlighted in Apache Cordova 4 Programming. The application projects included herein were created for Cordova 4.0.

There are a lot of code snippets throughout the book; that code is not included here. What's here is all of the complete application examples included in the book.

The repository contains project files from the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Anatomy of a Cordova Application
  • Chapter 5: Mechanics of Cordova Development
  • Chapter 6: Automation and the Cordova Development Process
  • Chapter 11: Windows 8 Development with Cordova
  • Chapter 12: Using PhoneGap Build
  • Chapter 14: Working with the Cordova APIs
  • Chapter 15: Cordova Development End to End
  • Chapter 16: Creating Cordova Plugins
  • Chapter 17: Using Third-Party Frameworks with Cordova
  • Chapter 18: Using Third-Party Tools with Cordova

In this main folder, there are two files:

  • jshint.txt - this file contains settings I included at the top of most JavaScript files to instruct jshint to ignore some of the Cordova objects used by many of my applications.
  • onerror.js - Contains the source code for a simple JavaScript onerror function that I use to catch coding errors in my Cordova applications.

You can purchase the book on or the publisher's web site: InformIT.

If you have any questions, you can send me an email through the contact form on the book's web site.

You can find information on many different topics on my personal blog. Learn about all of my publications at John Wargo Books.