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Apache Cordova API Cookbook

This repository contains the complete source code from the Apache Cordova API Cookbook ( from Pearson Education. The code you see here is intended to augment the material in the book and is intended for people who have purchased a copy of the book. If you use this code and haven't purchased a copy of the book, why not take a moment and buy a copy using the links at

The sample applications included in the book make use Topcoat CSS (, jQuery ( & jQuery Mobile ( Topcoat is distributed under an Apache license and both jQuery and jQuery Mobile are released under the MIT License (

To make things easier for you, I included the library files for each with the projects that use them. The license files for each component is included in each project folder where the library is used. Please respect the licenses for each.

You can find information on many different topics on my personal blog. Learn about all of my publications at John Wargo Books.


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