A Robot Raconteur plugin for the Gazebo robot simulator
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Robot Raconteur Gazebo Server Plugin

A plugin for Gazebo using the Robot Raconteur communication system to provide a friendly object-oriented interface to the Gazebo API without requiring the modification of SDF world files. It is developed by Wason Technology, LLC.

Download plugin binary

The Robot Raconteur Gazebo Plugin binaries can be downloaded from http://robotraconteur.com/download. Registration is required but the dowload is free.

Building the plugin

The plugin is built using CMake. Building has only been tested on Ubuntu Trusty and Xenial. Gazebo and the Robot Raconteur SDK must be installed before building. The Robot Raconteur SDK can be download at http://robotraconteur.com/download. Registration is required but the dowload is free. Be sure to download the correct Ubuntu SDK version that matches your operating system.

To build, set RobotRaconteur_DIR to the directory of the extracted Robot Raconteur SDK.

Invoking the plugin

First, set the GAZEBO_PLUGIN_PATH environmental variable to the folder containing `librobotraconteur_gazebo_system_plugin.so'.

The plugin is invoked using the command line. For the examples, use:

gazebo --verbose rip_sensors_world.world -s librobotraconteur_gazebo_server_plugin.so --robotraconteur-server-tcp-port=11346

The plugin will scan the command line to configure plugin options. The options that are recognized are:


Set the NodeName of the server plugin. Default is "experimental.gazebo.GazeboServer".


Set the NodeID of the plugin. Option is mutually exclusive with --robotraconteur-server-nodename


Set the TCP port to use for the plugin. Set to "sharer" to use the Robot Raconteur Port Sharer service.


Enable the node discovery announce for Robot Raconteur. Search for service type experimental.gazebo.Server to find the service.


Load a Robot Raconteur TLS certificate for the node to enable encryption over TCP. Enables use of rrs+tcp:// transport schemes.


Load a file containing password information to enable authentication. Uses PasswordFileUserAuthenticator to authenticate users.

Designing clients

Clients using Python, MATLAB, and JavaScript will automatically generate object references to communicate with the server plugin. For the other languages, the file experimental.gazebo.robdef contains the full service definition to use with RobotRaconteurGen.


The examples directory contains a number of Python scripts demonstrating the usage of the plugin. While the examples are in Python, clients can be written in any language that Robot Raconteur supports.


This plugin is released under the Apache 2 license. Robot Raconteur itself is released under the Robot Raconteur commercial license.