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Removed use of transients. The complication doesn't seem worth it.

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commit 2980c4003efd6f7f665800caca2f1c66a468a2b3 1 parent 905483b
@johnwayner authored
Showing with 10 additions and 21 deletions.
  1. +10 −21 src/hermit/cpu.clj
31 src/hermit/cpu.clj
@@ -40,11 +40,11 @@
(defn mem-set
"Returns new memory for machine with location l set to v."
[m l v] (if (= v 0)
- (dissoc! (:mem m) (long l))
- (assoc! (:mem m) (long l) (bit-and 0xFFFF v))))
+ (dissoc (:mem m) (long l))
+ (assoc (:mem m) (long l) (bit-and 0xFFFF v))))
(defn machine-with-mem-set
- [m l v] (assoc! m :mem (mem-set m l v)))
+ [m l v] (assoc m :mem (mem-set m l v)))
(defn reg-val
"Retruns the value of register-keyword rk (:a, :b, etc) in machine m."
@@ -52,13 +52,13 @@
(defn reg-set
"Returns new regs for machine with reg rk set to v."
- [m rk v] (assoc! (:regs m) rk (bit-and 0xFFFF v)))
+ [m rk v] (assoc (:regs m) rk (bit-and 0xFFFF v)))
(defn machine-with-reg-set
- [m rk v] (assoc! m :regs (reg-set m rk v)))
+ [m rk v] (assoc m :regs (reg-set m rk v)))
(defn machine-with-reg-delta
- [m rk d] (assoc! m :regs (reg-set m rk (+ d (reg-val m rk)))))
+ [m rk d] (assoc m :regs (reg-set m rk (+ d (reg-val m rk)))))
(defn machine-with-key-input
[m c] (assoc
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@
(defn machine-with-cycle-delta
"Advances the cycle count for a machine by 1 or d."
- ([m d] (assoc! m :cycle (+ (:cycle m) d)))
+ ([m d] (assoc m :cycle (+ (:cycle m) d)))
([m] (machine-with-cycle-delta m 1)))
;;stack stuff
@@ -277,22 +277,11 @@
[m nil nil]
-(defn make-transient-machine
- [m] (transient (merge m
- {:mem (transient (:mem m))}
- {:regs (transient (:regs m))})))
-(defn make-persistent-machine
- [tm] (persistent! (assoc! tm
- :mem (persistent! (:mem tm))
- :regs (persistent! (:regs tm)))))
(defn step
"Steps a machine one instruction."
- [m] (let [trans-m (make-transient-machine m)
- i (next-instr trans-m)
+ [m] (let [i (next-instr m)
op (:op i)
- [post-plan-m a b] (execute-plan trans-m i (pre-op-plan-for-instruction-memoized i))
+ [post-plan-m a b] (execute-plan m i (pre-op-plan-for-instruction-memoized i))
post-op-m (cond
(op ops-map) (apply-func-to-ops post-plan-m i (op ops-map) a b)
(op branch-ops-map) (apply-func-to-branch-ops post-plan-m i (op branch-ops-map) a b)
@@ -309,6 +298,6 @@
- (make-persistent-machine (machine-with-cycle-delta post-op-m (:cost (op op-props))))))
+ (machine-with-cycle-delta post-op-m (:cost (op op-props)))))
(defn nth-step [n m] (last (take (+ 1 n) (iterate step m))))
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