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This is the definition of the Tangerine Edition.

Data structures

Strings: No final result: this will be reballoted for the Green Edition.

Mappings: SRFI 146 as (scheme mapping) and (scheme mapping hash).

Regular expressions: SRFI 115 as (scheme regex).

Generators: SRFI 158 as (scheme generator), superseding and upward compatible with the Red Edition library of the same name.

Numeric types and operations

Integer division: SRFI 141 as (scheme division)

Bitwise integer operations: SRFI 151 as (scheme bitwise).

Fixnums: SRFI 143 as (scheme fixnum).

Flonums: SRFI 144 as (scheme flonum)

Numeric and semi-numeric data structures

Bytevectors: R6RS (rnrs bytevectors) as (scheme bytevector) (note singular form).

Numeric vectors: SRFI 160 as (scheme vector @) where @ is any of base, u8, s8, u16, s16, u32, s32, u64, s64, f32, f64, c64, c128.


Formatting: SRFI 159 as (scheme show).

Required numeric types

The Tangerine Edition requires all implementations to provide unbounded exact integers, unbounded exact rationals, inexact reals, and exact and inexact complex numbers. This is the same numeric tower that R6RS requires.