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OCaml library for reading, writing and modifying PDF files
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pdfpagelabels.mli Bug fixes to page label representation Initial import
pdfpaper.mli Initial import Made Pdf.ToGet opaque in preparation for decryption-on-demand
pdfread.mli More -revision support Initial import
pdfshapes.mli Initial import
pdfspace.mli Initial import To allow better standard font descriptions
pdfstandard14.mli Spelling corrections Made Pdf.ToGet opaque in preparation for decryption-on-demand
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rijndael-alg-fst.c Beginning to use C implementation of AES
sha2.c Added beginnings of C SHA support
sha2.h Added beginnings of C SHA support
stubs-aes.c Beginning to use C implementation of AES
stubs-sha2.c SHA now provided by C primitives for speed


CamlPDF is an OCaml library for reading, writing and modifying PDF files. It is the basis of the commercial "CPDF" command line tool, which is available at


Copyright Coherent Graphics Ltd 2007 - 2013. Released under the LGPL with special linking exception. See "LICENCE" for details.

To Build

If downloading from Github, obtain the correct source. This means choosing the tag for a particaular version, such as "v2.1.1". The head of the master branch is unstable.

  1. Run "make". This will build camlpdf.a, camlpdf.cma, camlpdf.cmxa and the documentation (in doc/camlpdf/html).

  2. If your environment has "ocamlfind", "make install" will install the library. Otherwise, use the built outputs as you will.


The API documentation, which is built by the makefile in doc/camlpdf/html, can also be accessed online at

The file introduction-to-camlpdf.pdf will help the beginner.

Some level of knowledge of the PDF file format itself, which is large, may be required. The standard texts are the author's book:

and the ISO standard for PDF:


The file miniz.c is a (very slightly modified) version of the miniz.c zlib implementation by Rich Geldreich, avalable here:

The files flatestubs.c, and pdfflate.mli are a slightly modified version of some parts of CamlZip by Xavier Leroy. The originals are available here:

OCamlMakefile was written by Markus Mottl. It is available here:

These works are also released under the LGPL with special linking exception, as described in LICENCE.

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