JavaScript tutorial, mainly for Java developers. First presented at Jfokus 2012, February 13 in Stockholm, Sweden.
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JavaScript Tutorial (for Java Developers) by @johnwilander

A tutorial covering JavaScript design patterns, dependency handling and builds with require.js, unit testing with Jasmine, simple DOM manipulation and Ajax calls with jQuery, and client-side encoding with jQuery Encoder.

Brendan Eich's Kind Intro

Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and the CTO of Mozilla, was kind enough to record a short intro for this tutorial. Check it out.

The Slides

The slides for this tutorial are available on Slideshare, currently only in Swedish.

The Backend

The whole project is setup with Maven and is run on Jetty via the Jetty Maven plugin. The Java backend is built with Jersey JAX-RS and Spring DI.

Setup and Run

  • Make sure you have Maven installed. Try running 'mvn -version' in your shell to see if you've got it.
  • Download or fork the code, go to the source folder (where pom.xml can be found) and run 'mvn install'. Maven will now download the the interwebz for you :).
  • In the same folder, run 'mvn jetty:run'.
  • Surf to http://localhost:8080/JavaScriptTutorial/.
  • When you want to stop the server you run 'mvn jetty:stop'.

Try Out a JavaScript Build

If you want to try running the require.js build including concatenation and minification of JavaScript, do this:

  • Make sure you have Rhino (js.jar) downloaded. In my example I have it in /Applications/Utilities/rhino/ on my Mac.
  • Make sure you have Google's Closure Compiler (compiler.jar) downloaded. In my example I have it in /Applications/Utilities/Closure_Compiler/ on my Mac.
  • In your shell, go to path_to_the_tutorial_code_on_your_machine/src/main/webapp/js/
  • run java -classpath /Applications/Utilities/rhino/js.jar:/Applications/Utilities/Closure_Compiler/compiler.jar ../../r.js -o name=base out=min.js baseUrl=. paths.jquery=empty: paths.jquery-encoder=empty:

Try Out JavaScript Unit Testing

If you want to look into JavaScript unit testing with Jasmine:


Ping me on Twitter – @johnwilander – if you have questions or problems setting it up.