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Data Science Portfolio/Projects

Statistical Models from Scratch

I find the best way to learn a specific algorithm or statistical model is to build one from scratch. The following files are classes and functions that accomplish the most common statistical learning methods on a limited level.

  • Keywords(R, Python, Statistical Modeling, Algorithms)

Fine Scale Weather Data from 1900-2013

  • Builds daily gridded weather data for the continental United States from 1900-2013.

  • Relative anomaly spline interpolation technique calculates daily weather data for 460,000 2.5km x 2.5km grids in the US. [Tech. Example]

  • Aggregates down to county level weather data.

  • Keywords(R, Economics, Climate Change, Weather)

Nonlinear Temperature Distributions [R package] [Python Package]

  • Calcuate nonlinear temperature distributions degree days and time in each degree.

  • Measure accounts for the rise and fall of temperatures during the day.

  • Degree days define time above a specified temperature threshold (e.g. degree days above 30C) and time in each degree define time within a specified temperature threshold (e.g. time in 30C).

  • Keywords(R, Python, Economics, Climate Change, Agronomy)

Business Case: Wine Quality and Price

  • Predict wine quality based on biophysical characteristics.

  • Model using Multinomial logit, Linear Discriminant Analysis, Random Forest, and Extreme Gradient Boosting

  • Keywords(R, Classification, Economics)