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Removed the verbose boilerplate info and replaced with commands from …

…notes that were used to get this working.
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John Zanchetta authored


Rails 3.0.5
Ruby 1.9.2

$ rails new surveysays
$ cd surveysays/
[surveysays]$ mate .

> File Change 
-> modify the Gemfile
gem "nifty-generators", :group => :development
-> save the gemfile

-> install the new gems
[surveysays]$ bundle install

[surveysays]$ rails g nifty:layout

When you run the next command you should see a warning, Select Y to overwrite.

[surveysays]$ rails g nifty:layout

[surveysays]$ rails g nifty:scaffold survey name:string

[surveysays]$ rake db:migrate

[surveysays]$ rails g model question survey_id:integer content:text
[surveysays]$ rake db:migrate

[surveysays]$ rails g model answer question_id:integer content:string
[surveysays]$ rake db:migrate

[surveysays]$ rails s

That's it - Should be working now.

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