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For people who like ponies or poor AWS key hygiene. I think those are the same things.
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index.js Ensure aws-vault sessions don't trigger the pony. Sep 29, 2015
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Kids, don't just npm install stuff willy nilly. Things you don't expect can happen.

If you're having trouble educating your team about the dangers of leaving credentials in easy to anticipate locations while working in an ecosystem of dependencies that pull dependencies that pull dependencies that no one reviews, try npm install aws-pony --save on some of your projects at work and see if anyone catches the commit.

This is part of our internal education process for AWS Vault, our CLI tool for using STS sessions on amazon safely instead of accidentally leaking power user IAM creds.

Flagrantly disregarding SemVer as was the style at the time.


© 2015 99designs / John Barton

Code: ICS
Wallpaper: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License from
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