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Camera and photo printer controlled by a raspberry pi
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Camera and photo printer controlled by a raspberry pi. All components are put in a case, a box of wood. The process of printing a pictures (4 photos) starts when the button on the front is pushed. 2 leds then indicates the progress (pose-led and printing-led). This project is based on the instructions from this post:

Front Back
GitHub Logo GitHub Logo
Circuit Description
GitHub Logo 1K ohm (2 of each), 10K ohm, (2 of each) 330 ohm (4 of each), leds (4 of each), push switch (2 of each)

##Setup Follow instructions from link.

  • Printer: Canon SELPHY 910
  • Camera: Canon
  • Controller: Raspberry Pi 2

###Set Raspberry to startup script on reboot sudo nano /etc/rc.local



  • add externas USB disk or flash memory to store the pictuers before removing them.
  • set error policy for printer in CUPS

##Useful commands Sometimes printer hangs (out of paper, for example): Printer Canon_CP910 disabled since Tue 17 May 2016 21:26:12 UTC - Unable to send data to printer.

cupsenable Canon_CP910

List printer name

lpstat -p

List all printer jobs

lpstat -o

Printer status

lpc status

To find the Raspberry Pi IP on your network (check this output for items that are not incomplete, then make 'ssh pi@192.168.0.XX')

ifconfig | grep broadcast | arp -a

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