Kibana app plugin for _analyze API
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UI for elasticsearch analyze API

Analyze text with Aalyzer Sample image

How to use?

See Getting Started


The latest version is for kibana 6.5.0.

Kibana version Command
6.5.0 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.4.3 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.4.2 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.4.1 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.4.0 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.3.2 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.3.0 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.2.4 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.2.3 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.2.2 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.2.1 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.2.0 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.1.3 ./bin/kibana-plugin install
6.1.2 ./bin/kibana-plugin install


  • change index name to select
    • preload index_name from _cat/indices
  • error handling


See the kibana contributing guide for instructions setting up your development environment. Once you have completed that, use the following npm tasks.

  • npm start

    Start kibana and have it include this plugin

  • npm start -- --config kibana.yml

    You can pass any argument that you would normally send to bin/kibana by putting them after -- when running npm start

  • npm run build

    Build a distributable archive

  • npm run test:browser

    Run the browser tests in a real web browser

  • npm run test:server

    Run the server tests using mocha

For more information about any of these commands run npm run ${task} -- --help.