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Ingest CSV processor parses CSV data and stores it as individual fields
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Elasticsearch csv Ingest Processor

This processor can parse CSV data and stores it as individual fields. This filter can also parse data with any separator, not just commas.


Official CSV ingest processor will release on 7.6.0. This plugin will deprecate 7.6.0.


ES version Command
7.5.2 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
7.5.1 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
7.5.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
7.4.2 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
7.4.1 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
7.4.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
7.3.2 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
7.3.1 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
7.3.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
7.2.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
7.0.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
Older versions (6.8.5 - 5.5.0)
ES version Command
6.8.5 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.8.4 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.7.1 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.7.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.6.2 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.6.1 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.6.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.5.4 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.5.3 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.5.2 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.5.1 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.5.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.4.3 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.4.2 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.4.1 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.4.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.3.2 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.3.1 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.3.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.2.4 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.2.4 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.2.3 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.2.2 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.2.1 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.2.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.1.3 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.1.2 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.1.1 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
6.0.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
5.6.3 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install
5.5.0 ./bin/elasticsearch-plugin install


PUT _ingest/pipeline/csv-pipeline
  "description": "A pipeline to do whatever",
  "processors": [
      "csv" : {
        "field" : "my_field",
        "columns" : ["a", "b"]

PUT /my-index/_doc/1?pipeline=csv-pipeline
  "my_field" : "a_value,b_value"

GET /my-index/_doc/1

then, the doc has 3 fields like this.
  "my_field" : "a_value,b_value",
  "a" : "a_value",
  "b" : "b_value"


Parameter Use Required
field Field name of where to read the content from Yes
columns Define a list of column names. Yes
quote_char Define the character used to quote CSV fields. If this is not specified the default is a double quote ". No
separator Define the column separator value. If this is not specified, the default is a comma ,. No
max_chars_per_column Define the maximum amount of chars a column can have in it, before the plugin gives up. This is set to limit the amount of memory consumed. Valid values are 2 - 64000. Default is 4096 No


Install Java 12 + compiler

wget tar -xzf openjdk-12_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz export JAVA_HOME=$(pwd)/jdk-12 export PATH=$(pwd)/jdk-12/bin:$PATH

In order to install this plugin, you need to create a zip distribution first by running

./gradlew clean check

This will produce a zip file in build/distributions.

After building the zip file, you can install it like this

bin/plugin install file:///path/to/ingest-csv/build/distribution/

Bugs & TODO

  • Need more test, like using separator and quote_char
  • and todos...

Thanks & More information about making Ingest Processor Plugin

Thanks for making great cookiecutter template @spinscale ! If you are interested in making Ingest Processor Plugin, you should use

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