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Elasticsearch Kuromoji_part_of_speech_extract Ingest Processor

This processor is extracting terms what you specify part-of-speech tags in pos_tags and stores the output in the JSON before it is being stored. This plugin uses codelibs's lucene-analyzers-kuromoji-ipadic-neologd and LUCENE-7273 patch.

  • JapaneseTokenizer's mode is NORMAL


PUT _ingest/pipeline/kuromoji-pos-pipeline
  "description": "A pipeline to extract terms using kuromoji part-of-speech filter",
  "processors": [
      "kuromoji_pos_extract" : {
        "field" : "my_field",
        "target_field" : "noun_only_field",
        "pos_tags" : ["名詞-固有名詞-地域-一般", "名詞-一般"]

PUT /my-index/my-type/1?pipeline_id=opennlp-pipeline
  "my_field" : "美味しいお寿司を大手町で食べました。"

GET /my-index/my-type/1
  "my_field" : "美味しいお寿司を大手町で食べました。"
  "noun_only_field": ["寿司","大手町"]


Parameter Use
field Field name of where to read the content from
target_field Field name to extract terms
pos_tags Part-of-speech tags what you want to extract


In order to install this plugin, you need to create a zip distribution first by running

gradle clean check

This will produce a zip file in build/distributions.

After building the zip file, you can install it like this

bin/plugin install file:///path/to/elasticsearch-ingest-kuromoji-pos-extract/build/distribution/

Bugs & TODO

  • We cannnot set any options, token_filter, char_filter. It is helpful if we can set.