cm7 config files for Huawei u8120
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Edit vendor/cyanogen/ to add a lunch “combo” for the U8120:
add_lunch_combo cyanogen_u8120-eng

Add a makefile for the u8120:
cp vendor/cyanogen/products/ vendor/cyanogen/products/

Edit vendor/cyanogen/products/, replacing occurances of “u8220″ with “u8120″ (pay attention to case!).
Use common sense. Basically, tailor the new makefile to be U8120 specific. 
Pay specific attention to the paths to makefiles and such, as they need more intelligence than just a search/replace…

Edit vendor/cyanogen/products/ to add the following line:
This tells the build system where to find the device’s makefile.

Check out a copy of my u8120 device tree:
cd device/huawei
git clone git://

Copy proprietary files
either by running with a device connected in 
or by running with a u8160 stock rom placed in as

Set up the build environment:
. build/
brunch u8120