Colony Network smart contracts
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The Colony Network

Contracts for running the Colony Network as defined in the Colony White Paper

Bug Bounty Program

Colony is offering substantial rewards to external developers who report bugs and flaws in the colonyNetwork contracts.

See the Bug Bounty program overview for more information about bounties, rules, and terms.


git clone
cd colonyNetwork
yarn run provision:token:contracts
git submodule update --init


The contract upgradability is using the EtherRouter pattern, see Upgrades to the Colony Network in the documentation for implementation details.

The math, erc20, auth, roles and a significant part of the token contract have been reused from the Dappsys library.


To run all tests:

yarn run test:contracts

To run tests with code coverage using solidity-coverage:

yarn run test:contracts:coverage

To lint contracts using Solium

yarn run solium

To lint JS using eslint (this is also a pre-commit hook)

yarn run eslint


For details about how to contribute you can check the contributing page