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Small todo list. Also see @TODO tags in source for more todo's.
[ ] Unit testing of our classes
[ ] Incorrect comment counts when votes or privates are present.
[ ] Votes are not really comments?
[X] All strings should be placed into resources so we can easily adapt new languages.
[ ] Layouts could be better. Now it's a complete mess of tables, linears and absolute layouts.
[ ] Naming of id (android:id) could be better.
[ ] Probably a lot of bugfixes.
[X] The "star" rating sucks.. Can't find a decent rating-bar in android so i use a dropdown for the time being. Should change.
[X] Add image thumbnail to event.
[ ] Change all layout ID's into correct stuff.
[X] Check why creating a list is sooooo very slow (inflate, cannot help?).
[ ] Display own comments only.
[ ] Add new features from API
[X] Add 'favourite' events button
[X] Gravatar support
[X] Search/filter talks
[X] splash screen on/off preferences
[X] Logo/gravatar loading on/off
[X] Search/filter on dates
[X] Different sorts (name, date)
[ ] Add user/speaker detail
[ ] Adding more info on the main-page (if cfp is available, currently busy, already passed etc)
[ ] Restructure the project (as an android project) in order to be easier to develop and implement unit testing
[ ] Don't load all the events on the past tab (possibility of being too much data)
[ ] Replace ActionBarActivity for AppCompatActivity
[ ] Get the correct assets for all resolutions
* Cache dir is not correct on v1.6
[ ] Add google map