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in DeleteComment(), the username from the the XML must be a string an…

…d the event id is an integer
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commit d464cbedf8584fa5790d175fc3f03192fa13b39d 1 parent c2878c0
@akrabat akrabat authored
2  src/system/application/libraries/wsactions/event/Deletecomment.php
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ public function checkSecurity($xml) {
// Now check to see if they're a site admin or an event admin
$is_site = $this->CI->user_model->isSiteAdmin((string)$xml->auth->user);
- $is_evt = $this->CI->user_model->isAdminEvent((string)$eid, $xml->auth->user);
+ $is_evt = $this->CI->user_model->isAdminEvent((int)$eid, (string)$xml->auth->user);
$is_js = $this->checkPublicKey();
return ($is_site || $is_evt || $is_js) ? true : false;
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