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This is the source code for the next generation of the website - a resource set up to allow events to get real-time feedback from those attending. It also gives speakers a way to claim and track their presentations over time.

This version is the next generation version, providing a responsive cross-device site for screens of all devices

You can either install on an existing PHP platform, or use our vagrant setup.

Quick start with Vagrant

To get you going without much hassle we created a vagrant-setup. To use it fork the joindin-vm repository and follow the instructions in there.

This VM will load all three projects (, joindin-vm and joindin-web2).

Other Resources

Global .gitignore

git has the capability to define a global gitignore file , which means you can set up rules on your machine to ignore everything you don't want to include in your commits. This works not only for this project, but for all your other projects too.

You can define the gitignore file with a command that looks like this, where the last argument is the file that holds the patterns to ignore:

$ git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore_global

Octocat gives a good starting point for what to include, but you can also ignore the files used by your editor:

# Eclipse

# Intellij

# Maven

# Netbeans

For more info on ignoring files, github has an excellent help page.

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