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If you wish to contribute to, please be sure to read/subscribe to the following resources:

What to work on

You should work on what you want to. Our bug tracker is here:

Any issues that have the "hackathon" or "easypick" label are ones that we think are a good starting point. This JIRA filter will give you the list of all current issues with the "hackathon" or "easypick" issues.

If you have any problems, ask on the IRC channel or send an email to the mailing list.

Issue tracker management

If you start working on an issue, please assign yourself to it and mark the issue as "in progress".

Linking branches to JIRA

If you include the JOINDIN-nnn issue number in the commit message, then JIRA will pick it up and display your branch on the issue.

JIRA Smart Commits

If you want have your commit messages perform actions in JIRA. JIRA has documentation on their extensive list of commands, but here is an example of what you can use in your commit message:

JOINDIN-<number> #close <message>

An example would be:

JOINDIN-445 #close Fixed.

PHP Version

The current PHP version for is PHP 5.6.

Code Style

All PHP code follows psr-2. One way to help ensure that your submitted code is PSR-2 is to run PHP Code Sniffer against PSR-2 and the .editorconfig plugin for your editor before submitting.