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JoinFaces Starters 3.x

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There are seventeen JoinFaces Starters available: six basic starters, two utility starters, one meta starter, six component starters, one theme starter and one extra starter.

While most of the starters can be combined, some starters are mutually exclusive:

  • tomcat-spring-boot-starter, jetty-spring-boot-starter and undertow-spring-boot-starter
  • mojarra-spring-boot-starter, myfaces-spring-boot-starter

You can use the table below to discover the starters that fit your needs.

Starter Description
tomcat-spring-boot-starter Basic starter for Tomcat 9.0.12 servlet container.
jetty-spring-boot-starter Basic starter for Jetty 9.4.12 servlet container.
undertow-spring-boot-starter Basic starter for Undertow 2.0.14 servlet container.
mojarra-spring-boot-starter Basic starter for Mojarra 2.3.7 JSF implementation.
myfaces-spring-boot-starter Basic starter for MyFaces 2.3.2 JSF implementation.
weld-spring-boot-starter Basic starter for Weld 3.0.5 CDI Reference Implementation.
omnifaces1-spring-boot-starter Utility starter for OmniFaces 1.14.1 JSF utility library.
omnifaces3-spring-boot-starter Utility starter for OmniFaces 3.2 JSF utility library. Pulls weld-spring-boot-starter.
jsf-spring-boot-starter Meta starter that pulls tomcat-spring-boot-starter, mojarra-spring-boot-starter and omnifaces1-spring-boot-starter.
primefaces-spring-boot-starter Component starter for PrimeFaces 6.2, and PrimeFaces Extensions 6.2.9 JSF Component libraries. Pulls jsf-spring-boot-starter.
bootsfaces-spring-boot-starter Component starter for BootsFaces 1.2.0 JSF Component library. Pulls jsf-spring-boot-starter.
butterfaces-spring-boot-starter Component starter for ButterFaces 3.0.6 JSF Component library. Pulls jsf-spring-boot-starter.
icefaces-spring-boot-starter Component starter for IceFaces 4.3.0 JSF Component library. Pulls jsf-spring-boot-starter.
richfaces-spring-boot-starter Component starter for RichFaces 4.5.17.Final JSF Component library. Pulls jsf-spring-boot-starter.
angularfaces-spring-boot-starter Component starter for AngularFaces 2.1.12 JSF Component library. Pulls jsf-spring-boot-starter.
adminfaces-spring-boot-starter Template and Theme starter for AdminFaces 1.0.0-RC19. Pulls primefaces-spring-boot-starter.
rewrite-spring-boot-starter Extra starter for Ocpsoft Rewrite 3.4.2 URL Rewriting Tool.

Not using Tomcat or Mojarra

The jsf-spring-boot-starter pulls tomcat and mojarra as defaults. If you want to change this, you have to exclude one starter and pull another one instead.

The principle behind this is the same as described here:

Example: Using MyFaces instead of Mojarra

dependencies {
    compile ("org.joinfaces:jsf-spring-boot-starter") {
        exclude module: "mojarra-spring-boot-starter"
    compile "org.joinfaces:myfaces-spring-boot-starter"
    // ...
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