Structure of the software

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This software is multi-module Maven project and follows Spring Boot Reference to create JSF Auto Configuration.

See what's inside root module:

module Description
joinfaces-dependencies Defines properties, dependencyManagement and pluginManagement.
joinfaces-parent Parent Project of all modules except joinfaces-dependencies. Defines: Jacoco test coverage, integration tests with Failsafe, enforce required maven release, profiles to quality checks with Duplicate Finder, Checkstyle, PMD, CPD, Cycles, FindBugs.
joinfaces-test Utility JSF Mock classes library.
joinfaces-autoconfigure JoinFaces Autoconfiguration for JavaxFaces, Mojarra, MyFaces, OmniFaces, Weld, PrimeFaces, BootsFaces, ButterFaces, AngularFaces, Tomcat, Jetty and Undertow. Integration solution for JSF and Spring Boot and CDI annotations.
joinfaces-starters Group of all JoinFaces Starter modules listed below.
spring-security-jsf-taglib Spring Security JSF Facelet Tag support.
test-projects Test projects to build test joinfaces applications.

See what's inside joinfaces starters modules:

Basic Starters Description
tomcat-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for Tomcat.
jetty-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for Jetty.
undertow-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for Undertow.
myfaces-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for MyFaces.
mojarra-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for Mojarra.
weld-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for Weld.
Utility Starters Description
omnifaces1-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for OmniFaces 1.x.
omnifaces3-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for OmniFaces 3.x. Pulls Weld starter.
Meta Starters Description
jsf-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter that pulls Tomcat and Mojarra and OmniFaces 1 starters.
Component Starters (pulls jsf-spring-boot-starter) Description
primefaces-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for PrimeFaces and PrimeFaces Extensions.
bootsfaces-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for BootsFaces.
butterfaces-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for ButterFaces.
richfaces-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for RichFaces.
angularfaces-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for AngularFaces.
Extra Starters (pulls rewrite-spring-boot-starter) Description
rewrite-spring-boot-starter Joinfaces Starter for Ocpsoft Rewrite.
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