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Unlike most social media apps, which encourage interaction from afar, WanderPost enables users to directly annotate their location for others to discover in augmented reality. I could use it to make an announcement for people to see at City Hall or to leave a post for my sister at the tree we spent the summer of 1999 climbing in case she wanders past. Let’s show what that looks like.

Open app and leave a personal post

When Wanderpost launches it opens up into a fixed map view that shows your location and any posts that have been left within a few hundred meters of you. You can filter these results to show either posts left by all users, your friends or personal posts left just for you. Content of the posts can only be viewed in the AR environment and the user must be within this mapview range to see it.

See post and make comment in augmented reality

Wanderpost uses Core Location and Core Motion to track the device's movement, and uses the gyroscope and compass to calculate where the device is pointing and its degree of tilt. With this information it decides if and where a wanderpost should be displayed on the screen. You can interact with these posts by tapping on them, which shows a detail page where you can see and leave a comments.

Recieve push notification and open profile view

When you leave a personal post for a friend, Wanderpost sends a push notification to that person letting them know that a post was left for them… though they will still have to be at that location to view the content of the post. When you go into the profile view of the app, you can see a feed of your friends activity. You can also see your post history and any comments that have been left. Or you can see the posts left just for you.

Search and add friend

See all friends

What’s next

  • Enable the app to post images and video.
  • Create a new database.
    • Fewer data calls
    • Cross platforms
    • Added security
  • Integrating future technologies like Apple Watch and Google Glass to make the experience seamless.


Tom Seymour - Design Lead, Developer

He’s British, he’s not very skittish, he’s our design specialist




Liam Kane - Tech Lead, Developer

The weirdest, beardless database wizard




Ana Ma - Project Manager, Developer

The rowdiest, loudest, most structured PM since Churchill




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