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;;Namespace for useful functions to make interop
;;with the host platform easier. Initially
;;targetted at java.
(ns spork.util.interop)
(defmacro expose-private-accessors
"Given a java class, klass, and a seq of symbols defining assumably private
fields in said class, returns a map of keyworded getters and setters, that
associate with functions that operate on said object to access the fields.
Yields public function definitions of the form set-fieldname, get-fieldname
for each field."
[klass & fields]
(let [m (with-meta (gensym "m" ) {:tag 'java.lang.reflect.Field})
o (with-meta (gensym "o") {:tag klass})
fld-get-sets (vec (for [f fields]
[(str f)
(symbol (str "get-" f))
(symbol (str "set-" f))]))]
`(do ~@
(for [[fld getter setter] fld-get-sets]
`(let [~m (.getDeclaredField ~klass ~fld)
~'_ (.setAccessible ~m true)]
(defn ~getter [~o] (.get ~m ~o))
(defn ~setter [~o v#] (do (.set ~m ~o v#) ~o)))))))
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