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A beta Fediverse server for microblogging. Not fully polished yet - we're still working towards a 1.0!

Current version: 0.11.0

Key features:

  • Multiple domain support, allowing you to host as many domains as you like on a single running instance.
  • Multiple identity support, allowing users to represent themselves in as many different ways as they want.
  • Easy deployment and maintenance, so you can focus on looking after your community rather than trying to wrangle with the software.
  • Mastodon Client API compatible, so users can use their favourite client apps just as they would with Mastodon or other compatible servers.

For more background and information, see

takahe-expanded takahe-compact


See our deployment documentation.

For changelog and update notes, visit our releases documentation.


Takahē is still under very active development towards a 1.0 release, and not all functionality is supported yet.

For a detailed feature breakdown, see the features page in our docs.

For an idea of what features are currently in flight, see our project board for the next release.


If you'd like to contribute, please read our contributing docs.