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BigBlueButton Server API Library for Laravel

License Latest Version on Packagist Build Status Quality Score Total Downloads Laravel Framework

Package that provides easily communicate between BigBlueButton server and laravel framework


  • Laravel 5.5 or above.


You can install the package via composer:

composer require joisarjignesh/bigbluebutton

After install package publish config file

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=bigbluebutton-config


  • Define in config/bigbluebutton.php file
  • For Specific server configuration (only for multiple server by default is optional)
'servers' => [
       'server1' => [
           'BBB_SECURITY_SALT'    => '',
           'BBB_SERVER_BASE_URL'  => '',

After Define salt and url clear old configurations

php artisan config:clear


Check a url and secret working

dd(\Bigbluebutton::isConnect()); //default 
dd(\Bigbluebutton::server('server1')->isConnect()); //for specific server 
dd(bigbluebutton()->isConnect()); //using helper method 


Create a meeting

  • You can create meeting in three ways document

1.By Passing Array

    'meetingID' => 'tamku',
    'meetingName' => 'test meeting',
    'attendeePW' => 'attendee',
    'moderatorPW' => 'moderator'

2.By passing CreateMeetingParameters object for customize create meeting

use BigBlueButton\Parameters\CreateMeetingParameters;

$meetingParams = new CreateMeetingParameters($meetingID, $meetingName);


3.By passing array it will return CreateMeetingParameters object for overwrite methods

$createMeeting = \Bigbluebutton::initCreateMeeting([
    'meetingID' => 'tamku',
    'meetingName' => 'test meeting',
    'attendeePW' => 'attendee',
    'moderatorPW' => 'moderator',

$createMeeting->setDuration(100); //overwrite default configuration
Upload slides
  • You can upload slides within the create a meeting call. If you do this, the BigBlueButton server will immediately download and process the slides
        'meetingID' => 'tamku',
        'meetingName' => 'test meeting',
        'attendeePW' => 'attendee',
        'moderatorPW' => 'moderator',
        'presentation'  => [ //must be array
            ['link' => '', 'fileName' => 'doc.pdf'], //first will be default and current slide in meeting
            ['link' => '', 'fileName' => 'php_tutorial.pptx'],
End meeting callback URL
  • You can ask the BigBlueButton server to make a callback to your application when the meeting ends. Upon receiving the callback your application could, for example, change the interface for the user to hide the ‘join’ button.

    Note : End meeting callback URL will notify silently, User won't redirect to that page.

    If you want to redirect users to that page after meeting end then can use logoutURL

   'meetingID' => 'tamku',
   'meetingName' => 'test meeting',
   'attendeePW' => 'attendee',
   'moderatorPW' => 'moderator',
   'endCallbackUrl'  => '',
   'logoutUrl' => '',
Recording ready callback URL
  • You can ask the BigBlueButton server to make a callback to your application when the recording for a meeting is ready for viewing. Upon receiving the callback your application could, for example, send the presenter an e-mail to notify them that their recording is ready

    Note : Recording ready callback URL will notify silently, User won't redirect to that page.
    'meetingID' => 'tamku',
    'meetingName' => 'test meeting',
    'attendeePW' => 'attendee',
    'moderatorPW' => 'moderator',
    'bbb-recording-ready-url'  => '',

Join a meeting

  • Join meeting ( by default it will redirect into BigBlueButton Server And Join Meeting) document
use JoisarJignesh\Bigbluebutton\Facades\Bigbluebutton;

return redirect()->to(
    'meetingID' => 'tamku',
    'userName' => 'disa',
    'password' => 'attendee' //which user role want to join set password here
  • Join meeting but does want to redirect into BigBlueButton server and pass other parameters
    'meetingID' => 'tamku',
    'userName' => 'disa',
    'password' => 'attendee', //which user role want to join set password here
    'redirect' => false, //it will not redirect into bigblueserver
    'userId' =>  "54575",
    'customParameters' => [  
       'foo' => 'bar',
       'key' => 'value'

Get a list of meetings

\Bigbluebutton::all(); //using facade
bigbluebutton()->all(); //using helper method 

Get meeting info

use JoisarJignesh\Bigbluebutton\Facades\Bigbluebutton;

    'meetingID' => 'tamku',
    'moderatorPW' => 'moderator' //moderator password set here

Is a meeting running

    'meetingID' => 'tamku',

Bigbluebutton::isMeetingRunning('tamku'); //second way 

Close a meeting

use JoisarJignesh\Bigbluebutton\Facades\Bigbluebutton;

    'meetingID' => 'tamku',
    'moderatorPW' => 'moderator' //moderator password set here


Get recordings

    'meetingID' => 'tamku',
    //'meetingID' => ['tamku','xyz'], //pass as array if get multiple recordings 
    //'recordID' => 'a3f1s',
    //'recordID' => ['xyz.1','pqr.1'] //pass as array note :If a recordID is specified, the meetingID is ignored.
    // 'state' => 'any' // It can be a set of states separate by commas  

Publish recordings

   'recordID' => 'a3f1s',
    //'recordID' => ['xyz.1','pqr.1'] //pass as array if publish multiple recordings
   'state' => true //default is true  

Delete recordings

    //'recordID' => 'a3f1s',
    'recordID' => ['a3f1s','a4ff2'] //pass array if multiple delete recordings

Update recordings

    //'recordID' => 'a3f1s',
    'recordID' => ['a3f1s','a4ff2'] //pass array if multiple delete recordings


Hooks create

      'callbackURL' => 'example.test', //required
      'meetingID' => 'tamku', //optional  if not set then hooks set for all meeting id
      'getRaw' => true //optional

Hooks destroy

     'hooksID' => 33

dd(Bigbluebutton::hooksDestroy('53')); //second way


Get api version

  • Get api version
dd(\Bigbluebutton::getApiVersion()); //return as collection 


Start a meeting

  • Start meeting (first check meeting is exists or not if not then create a meeting and join a meeting otherwise meeting is exists then it will directly join a meeting) (by default user join as moderator)
$url = \Bigbluebutton::start([
    'meetingID' => 'tamku',
    'meetingName' => 'test meeting name',
    'moderatorPW' => 'moderator', //moderator password set here
    'attendeePW' => 'attendee', //attendee password here
    'userName' => 'John Deo',//for join meeting 
    //'redirect' => false // only want to create and meeting and get join url then use this parameter 

return redirect()->to($url);

More Information Read This wiki

For Bigbluebutton Api Testing See This ApiMate

See Bigbluebutton Official dev Api Bigbluebutton


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Please see CHANGELOG for more information what has changed recently.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.