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A Minecraft-like game for the Minetest game engine [overcraft_origins]

License of source code
Copyright (C) 2013 jojoa1997
See README.txt in each mod directory for information about other authors.

LGPL v3 see LICENSE.txt

License of media (textures and sounds)
Copyright (C) 2013 Vattic

Vattic's Terms:
	Things that are fine:
	- Use as placeholders.
	- Using as many textures as you've made yourself.
	- Using the items or paintings.
	- Use as base for mod textures.

	- Give clear credit.
	- Link back to the Faithful 32x32 thread.
	- Be honest about what you are using.
	- No money making links.

	On remix/tweaked packs:
	- Let's Players can share a modified copy with fans.
	- Adventure map makers can provide modified copy to go along with it.

	If either of the above apply:
	- You must distribute through YouTube video descriptions or your series'/map's forum topic and not create a separate thread for the pack.
	- To avoid people uploading a video just so they can upload a copy of the pack Let's Players must have a decent number of videos that use the pack and a decent number of subscribers.

	- If I decide I don't want you using stuff from the pack then that is final. This will only be the case in unusual circumstances.
	- These guidelines can be changed at any time.

See README.txt in each mod directory for information about other authors.

License of menu/header.png
Copyright (C) 2013 jojoa1997 CC BY-SA 3.0
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