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Plantlife mod for Minetest, combines Flowers + Junglegrass + Poison Ivy

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README file for Plantlife mod, by Vanessa Ezekowitz

Plantlife is a combined form of my Flowers, Jungle Grass, and Poison Ivy mods 
and has been significantly rewritten and re-organized.  This mod supplies all 
three of these components and should be 100% compatible with mods that used the 
old versions.

Its purpose is to add various kinds of flowers, cotton plants, water foliage, 
poison ivy, and jungle grass in a few sizes.  All of these are spawned as 
normal nodes and can be collected and used in any recipes that depend on the 
old mods.

Spawning of plants is sensitive to the amount of available light.  Flowers, 
cotton, and waterlilies only spawn when there at least a signficant amount of 
light.  Seaweed will grow only in dimly-lit areas.  Jungle grass and poison ivy 
also grow in the daytime, but require less light than flowers.

Growing of jungle grass and poison ivy will only occur for plants that are on 
the same surface that is necessary for them to spawn on, so they won't grow if 
placed on e.g. cobble or homedecor flower pot, etc.  This doesn't affect 
wall-climbing poison ivy, since it uses a different growth pattern.

All plants use perlin noise to keep where they grow under control - no more 
random spread of plants!  In addition, the density of the plants in any region 
they appear in has been fixed and brought under control.

Poison ivy is found sparsely among junglegrass, but will not grow near flowers.


Important details:

Configuration: Any of the three components of this mod can be disabled by 
editing plants/init.lua, near the beginning of the file, and changing one or 
more of these lines to false:

local enable_flowers = true
local enable_junglegrass = true
local enable_poisonivy = true

Dependencies: Just the game's default stuff.

Recommends: Nothing in particular.

Conflicts: This mod should not be installed alongside the original Flowers, 
Jungle Grass, or Poison Ivy mods.  If those exist, delete them, as this mod 
supplies all of their functionality.

Software Requirements: This mod was written for Minetest 0.4.4 or later, but it 
should work on pretty much any old or recent 0.4.x version.  It will not work 
with 0.3.x since that version does not support modding.



Only Flowers have crafting recipes.  For a flower pot, put three
clay bricks in the crafting grid in a "v" shape like so (yields 1):

	- - -
	B - B
	- B -

To put a flower into a pot, just put one of each into the crafting grid.



Flowers has been completely rewritten, almost from scratch, using the most 
recent and advanced features the game engine has to offer.  It should be 
significantly faster than the original Ironzorg Flowers mod.  Flowers and 
cotton spawn on grass only, seaweed spawns on water or grass close to the 
shoreline, or on very small stone islands in water.  Waterlilies of course 
spawn on water.

There are four different sizes of jungle grasses, all of which yield a single 
junglegrass object when gathered (so all four sizes may be used where jungle 
grass is called for).  The largest size uses the game's standard jungle grass 
node, while the others are defined by this mod.

Junglegrass will spawn on grass, sand, desert sand and the tops of papyrus and 
cactus (though rarely), and will do so anywhere in the map.  Grass on the 
ground will grow and eventually disappear (die), while grass in the desert will 
grow and eventually turn into dry shrubs.

Poison Ivy will spawn on grass and in some cases, on vertical surfaces 
including trees and jungle trees where they meet the dirt or grass.  Ivy 
previously spawned on the ground taller/thicker or start climbing up said 
vertical surfaces and trees.

At present, the poison ivy presents little more than an annoyance - they can 
only be cut down and either re-planted or thrown away.  No damage is done by 
harvesting them, yet. ;-)
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