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Using Git and GitHub to Manage Collaborative Workflow!

In your browser on your own computer, follow this workshop at

In this workshop, we're going to learn how to use Git, GitHub and markdown in order to develop a workflow for collaborative, version-controlled projects in digital environments.

If you have yet to, sign up for a GitHub account...

Register for a GitHub account [here](](

Open up Sublime and record your username, email, and password in the projects folder you created on your Desktop yesterday. Save the file using an easy to remember name for now, like "github_setup" - you will need this information twice more!

Today's Agenda:

Reviewing the Command Line

We will be using the command line to use Git and GitHub.

What are Git, GitHub and Markdown?

A conceptual overview of what this is about.

Configuring Git

Set up Git on your computer.

Initialize Git

Create a new local repository.

Connect to GitHub

Connect your remote GitHub to the local repo you just created on your computer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Break ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Git Add, Git Commit, Git Push

Make local changes, track them, and push them to a remote repo on GitHub.

Git for Collaboration

Make a copy of a repo, and pull it to your computer to edit locally.


Review what we've learned in this workshop.

Command Line >>>
I have linked the glossary and helpful commands at the bottom of each page.

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