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Extra features for the amethyst engine
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Amethyst Extra

Extra features for the amethyst engine to help you create games.

Amethyst has the aim to be workflow-independant. While it is a good idea, it makes prototyping slow because you need to specify many options by yourself.

This library is based on the workflow I use to accelerate prototyping and the game developement process.

Feel free to commit new features you think wouldn't fit in amethyst but would fit well as a complementary feature! :)

Current features

  • User Authentification
  • AssetLoader with modding support
  • Automatic resource saving and loading
  • NoClip system to explore your scene
  • Relative timer to keep track of time from a specified instant
  • Time control system.
  • Automatic Ui timer.
  • Various types of player controllers.
  • (WIP) Terminal based debugging and command handling
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