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import scalanative.native._
object Main {
def main(args: Array[String]): Unit = {
val window = new GtkWindow(0) // 0 = top level window
window.setTitle(c"Hello Scala Native!")
window.setSizeRequest(200, 100)
window.signalConnect(c"destroy", CFunctionPtr.fromFunction0(destroy), null)
val label = new GtkLabel(null)
label.setMarkup(c"<span size='large'>Hello Scala Native!</span>")
def destroy(): Unit = {
trait Ref
object Gtk {
def init(argc: Ptr[Int], argv: Ptr[Ptr[CString]]): Unit = extern
def main(): Unit = extern
def mainQuit(): Unit = extern
abstract class GObject {
def ref: Ref
// In GObject, the c_handler actually receives 2 args: the pointer to the object that received the signal,
// and the pointer to a user-defined data object (which may be null)
def signalConnect(detailed_signal: CString, c_handler: CFunctionPtr0[Unit], data: Ptr[Byte]): UInt =
object GObject {
def g_signal_connect_data(self: Ptr[Byte], detailed_signal: CString, c_handler: CFunctionPtr0[Unit],
data: Ptr[Byte], destroy_data: CFunctionPtr0[Unit], connect_flags: Int): UInt = extern
abstract class GtkWidget extends GObject {
def ref: Ref
def setSizeRequest(width: Int, height: Int): Unit = GtkWidget.gtk_widget_set_size_request(ref.cast[Ptr[Byte]],width,height)
def showAll(): Unit = GtkWidget.gtk_widget_show_all(ref.cast[Ptr[Byte]])
object GtkWidget {
def gtk_widget_set_size_request(self: Ptr[Byte], width: Int, height: Int): Unit = extern
def gtk_widget_show_all(self: Ptr[Byte]): Unit = extern
abstract class GtkContainer extends GtkWidget {
def ref: Ref
def setBorderWidth(width: Int): Unit = GtkContainer.gtk_container_set_border_width(ref.cast[Ptr[Byte]],width)
def add(widget: GtkWidget): Unit = GtkContainer.gtk_container_add(ref.cast[Ptr[Byte]], widget.ref.cast[Ptr[Byte]])
object GtkContainer {
def gtk_container_set_border_width(self: Ptr[Byte], width: Int): Unit = extern
def gtk_container_add(self: Ptr[Byte], widget: Ptr[Byte]): Unit = extern
class GtkWindow private(val ref: Ref) extends GtkContainer {
def this(windowType: Int) = this(GtkWindow.gtk_window_new(windowType).cast[Ref])
def setTitle(title: CString): Unit = GtkWindow.gtk_window_set_title(ref.cast[Ptr[Byte]],title)
object GtkWindow {
def gtk_window_new(windowType: Int): Ptr[Byte] = extern
def gtk_window_set_title(self: Ptr[Byte], title: CString): Unit = extern
class GtkLabel private(val ref: Ref) extends GtkWidget {
def this(str: CString) = this(GtkLabel.gtk_label_new(str).cast[Ref])
def setMarkup(str: CString): Unit = GtkLabel.gtk_label_set_markup(ref.cast[Ptr[Byte]],str)
object GtkLabel {
def gtk_label_new(str: CString): Ptr[Byte] = extern
def gtk_label_set_markup(self: Ptr[Byte], str: CString): Unit = extern
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