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0.7.7 - 20-December-2016

  • Fix no_NO postcodes. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  • Fix fa_IR city generator. Thanks @kdeldycke.

0.7.6 - 19-December-2016

  • Fix packaging issue with docs directory. Thanks @wyattanderson.

0.7.5 - 16-December-2016

  • Deprecate facke-factory package on PyPI.

0.7.4 - 16-December-2016

  • Add Ukrainian address provider. Thanks @illia-v.
  • Add Ukrainian internet provider. Thanks @illia-v.
  • Middle name support for person.ru_RU provider. Thanks @zeal18.
  • Add address, company, internet ans SSN provider for ru_RU. Thanks @zeal18.
  • Improved address.pl_PL provider. Thanks @pkisztelinski.
  • Add date and time object providers. Thanks @jtojnar.
  • Refactor Korean address methods. Thanks @item4.
  • Add provider for locale nl_BE (address, phone, ssn). Thanks @vema.
  • Add additional job titles. Thanks @wontonst.
  • Add Ukrainian color provider. Thanks @illia-v.
  • Add support to brazilian company IDs (CNPJ). Thanks @lamenezes.
  • Improve the Internet provider. Thanks@illia-v.
  • Improve the Ukrainian person provider. Thanks @illia-v.
  • Improve some SSN providers. Thanks @illia-v.
  • Improve code samples in README.rst and docs/index.rst. Thanks @illia-v.
  • Improve the method locale. Thanks @illia-v.
  • Fix pyfloat. Thanks @illia-v.
  • Allow left/right_digits=0 for pyfloat. Thanks @mnalt.
  • update fa_IR person names and phone numbers. Thanks @aminalaee.

0.7.3 - 16-September-2016

  • date_time_this_century now returns datetime s outside the current decade. Thanks @JarUrb.
  • Add support for localized jobs for hr_HR. Thanks @mislavcimpersak.
  • Adding support for Croatian hr_HR ssn (oib). Thanks @mislavcimpersak.
  • Rename PyPI package to Faker.

0.6.0 - 09-August-2016

  • Dropped Python 2.6 support

0.5.11 - 09-August-2016

  • Add optional parameter sex to profile and simple_profile. Thanks @navyad.
  • Fix whitespace in dk_DK provider last_names/last_name. Thanks @iAndriy.
  • Fix utf8 coding issue with address/fi_FI provider. Thanks @delneg.
  • ! Latest version to support Python 2.6

0.5.10 - 01-August-2016

  • Fix random_sample_unique. Thanks @cecedille1.

0.5.9 - 08-July-2016

  • Add more pt_BR names. Thanks @cuducos.
  • Added en_GB names. Thanks @jonny5532.
  • Add romanized internet provider for zh_CN.
  • Add fr_CH providers. Thanks @gfavre.

0.5.8 - 28-June-2016

  • Improve CLI output and help. Thanks @cbaines.
  • Update en_US anmes to be more realistic. Thanks @dethpickle.
  • Modify pystr provider to accept a minimum number of characters. Thanks @tamarbuta.
  • Add job Provider for zh_TW. Thanks @weihanglo.
  • Modify zh_TW phone number for a more valid format. Thanks @weihanglo.
  • Reduce the maximum value of start timestamps. Thanks @cbaines.
  • Add random_sample and random_sample_unique. Thanks @bengolder.

0.5.7 - 07-March-2016

  • Repackage to resolve PyPI issue.

0.5.6 - 07-March-2016

  • Add date handling for datetime functions. Thanks @rpkilby.
  • Discern male and female first names in pt_BR. Thanks @gabrielusvicente.

0.5.5 - 29-February-2016

  • Specify help text for command line. Thanks @cbaines.

0.5.4 - 29-February-2016

  • Expose Provider's random instance. Thank @gsingers for the suggestion.
  • Make sure required characters are in the password. Thanks @craig552uk.
  • Add internet and job Providers for fa_IR. Thanks @hamidfzm.
  • Correct Poland phone numbers. Thanks @fizista.
  • Fix brittly tests due to seconds elapsed in-between comparison
  • Allow unicode in emails and domains. Thanks @zdelagrange for the report.
  • Use dateutil for computing next_month. Thanks @mark-love, @rshk.
  • Fix tests module import. Thanks @jorti for the report.
  • Handle unexpected length in ean(). Thanks @michaelcho.
  • Add internet provider for ja_JP. Thanks @massa142.
  • Add Romanized Japanese person name. Thanks @massa142.
  • Add tzinfo support to datetime methods. Thanks @j0hnsmith.
  • Add an 'office' file extensions category. Thanks @j0hnsmith.
  • Generate name according to profile's sex. Thanks @Dutcho for the report.
  • Add bs_BA phone number and internet provider. Thanks @elahmo.
  • Add a SSN provider for zh_CN. Thanks @felixonmars.
  • Differentiate male and female first names in fr_FR locale. Thanks @GregoryVds
  • Add Maestro credit card. Thanks @anthonylauzon.
  • Add hr_HR localization. Thanks @mislavcimpersak.
  • Update de_DE first names. Thanks @WarrenFaith and @mschoebel.
  • Allow generation of IPv4 and IPv6 network address with valid CIDR. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  • Unittest IPv4 and IPv6 address and network generation. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  • Add a new provider to generate random binary blob. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  • Check that randomly produced language codes are parseable as locale by the factory constructor. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  • Fix chinese random language code. Thanks @kdeldycke.
  • Remove duplicate words from Lorem provider. Thanks @jeffwidman.

0.5.3 - 21-September-2015

  • Added company_vat to company fi_FI provider. Thanks @kivipe.
  • Seed a Random instance instead of the module. Thanks Amy Hanlon.
  • Fixed en_GB postcodes to be more realistic. Thanks @mapleoin for the report.
  • Fixed support for Python 3 in the python provider. Thanks @derekjamescurtis.
  • Fixed U.S. SSN generation. Thanks @jschaf.
  • Use environment markers for wheels. Thanks @RonnyPfannschmidt
  • Fixed Python3 issue in pyiterable and pystruct providers. Thanks @derekjamescurtis.
  • Fixed en_GB postcodes to be more realistic. Thanks @mapleoin.
  • Fixed and improved performance of credit card number provider. Thanks @0x000.
  • Added Brazilian SSN, aka CPF. Thanks @ericchaves.
  • Added female and male names for fa_IR. Thanks @afshinrodgar.
  • Fixed issues with Decimal objects as input to geo_coordinate. Thanks @davy.
  • Fixed bug for center set to None in geo_coordinate. Thanks @davy.
  • Fixed deprecated image URL placeholder services.
  • Fixed provider's example formatting in documentation.
  • Added en_AU provider. Thanks @xfxf.

0.5.2 - 11-June-2015

  • Added uuid4 to misc provider. Thanks Jared Culp.
  • Fixed jcb15 and jcb16 in credit_card provider. Thanks Rodrigo Braz.
  • Fixed CVV and CID code generation in credit_card provider. Thanks Kevin Stone.
  • Added --include flag to command line tool. Thanks Flavio Curella.
  • Added country_code to address` provider. Thanks @elad101 and Tobin Brown.

0.5.1 - 21-May-2015

  • Fixed egg installation. Thanks David R. MacIver, @kecaps
  • Updated person names for ru_RU. Thanks @mousebaiker.
  • Updated ko_KR locale. Thanks Lee Yeonjae.
  • Fixed installation to install importlib on Python 2.6. Thanks Guillaume Thomas.
  • Improved tests. Thanks Aarni Koskela, @kecaps, @kaushal.
  • Made Person prefixes/suffixes always return strings. Thanks Aarni Koskela.
  • pl_PL jobs added. Thanks Dariusz Choruży.
  • Added ja_JP provider. Thanks Tatsuji Tsuchiya, Masato Ohba.
  • Localized remaining providers for consistency. Thanks Flavio Curella.
  • List of providers in compiled on runtime and is not hardcoded anymore. Thanks Flavio Curella.
  • Fixed State names in en_US. Thanks Greg Meece.
  • Added time_delta method to date_time provider. Thanks Tobin Brown.
  • Added filename and file extension methods to file provider. Thanks Tobin Brown.
  • Added Finnish ssn (HETU) provider. Thanks @kivipe.
  • Fixed person names for pl_PL. Thanks Marek Bleschke.
  • Added sv_SE locale providers. Thanks Tome Cvitan.
  • pt_BR Provider: Added catch_phrase to Company provider and fixed names in Person Provider. Thanks Marcelo Fonseca Tambalo.
  • Added sk_SK localized providers. Thanks @viktormaruna.
  • Removed miscelleneous provider. It is superceded by the misc provider.

0.5.0 - 16-Feb-2015

  • Localized providers
  • Updated ko_KR provider. Thanks Lee Yeonjae.
  • Added pt_PT provider. Thanks João Delgado.
  • Fixed mispellings for en_US company provider. Thanks Greg Meece.
  • Added currency provider. Thanks Wiktor Ślęczka
  • Ensure choice_distribution always uses floats. Thanks Katy Lavallee.
  • Added uk_UA provider. Thanks Cyril Tarasenko.
  • Fixed encoding issues with README, CHANGELOG and Thanks Sven-Hendrik Haase.
  • Added Turkish person names and phone number patterns. Thanks Murat Çorlu.
  • Added ne_NP provider. Thanks Sudip Kafle.
  • Added provider for Austrian de_AT. Thanks Bernhard Essl.

0.4.2 - 20-Aug-2014

  • Fixed setup

0.4.1 - 20-Aug-2014

  • Added MAC address provider. Thanks Sébastien Béal.
  • Added lt_LT and lv_LV localized providers. Thanks Edgar Gavrik.
  • Added nl_NL localized providers. Thanks @LolkeAB, @mdxs.
  • Added bg_BG localized providers. Thanks Bret B.
  • Added sl_SI. Thanks to @janezkranjc
  • Added distribution feature. Thanks to @fcurella
  • Relative date time. Thanks to @soobrosa
  • Fixed date_time_ad on 32bit Linux. Thanks @mdxs.
  • Fixed domain_word to output slugified strings.

0.4 - 30-Mar-2014

  • Modified en_US to ouput female and male names. Thanks Adrian Klaver.
  • Added SSN provider for en_US and en_CA. Thanks Scott (@milliquet).
  • Added hi_IN localized provider. Thanks Pratik Kabra.
  • Refactoring of command line

0.3.2 - 11-Nov-2013

  • New provider: Credit card generator
  • Improved Documentor


  • FIX

0.3 - 18-Oct-2013

  • PEP8 style conversion (old camelCased methods are deprecated!)
  • New language: pt_BR (thanks to @rvnovaes)
  • all localized provider now uses from __future__ import unicode_literals
  • documentor prints localized provider after all defaults
  • FIX tests for python 2.6

0.2 - 01-Dec-2012

  • New providers: Python, File
  • Providers imported with __import__
  • Module is runnable with python -m faker [name] [*args]
  • Rewrite fake generator system (allow autocompletation)
  • New language: French
  • Rewrite module __main__ and new Documentor class

0.1 - 13-Nov-2012

  • First release