Checks the data consistency between redis servers
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redis-checker is a tool used to check the data consistency between redis
servers, it's especially useful when you want to check if all servers in a
replication chain has the same data.

1. contains a list of redis servers to be checked, each item in
the list is a string contains server ip address and port;
2. Install pyredis;
3. accepts an integer parameter to specify how many keys
to check, for example:
  $ ./ 10000
Indicates redis-checker to check 10000 keys.
4. Upon finish, it will print the number of unmatched keys and all unmatched
keys will be printed line by line.

To avoid giving redis servers too much pressure, modify the 'inteval' parameter
in, which specifies how long in seconds to sleep before trying next
key. It can be a float, e.g. specify inteval=0.001 gives at most 1000 keys per

Currently only check keys in the default db(db 0), if you have multiple dbs,
you can modify connect_all() in to check the specific db.