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English Premier League Fantasy Stats for Geeks

By Joe Kampschmidt

See Demo at

More information at

An AngularJS website to emulate an interactive spreadsheet to help manage your fantasy football/soccer team at Please use this project/page to crush your friends in fantasy football. Only data for the 2014-2015 is available.

I've will try to update the stats from <> after every round of fixtures.

Also pull requests highly recommended. Below is a good place to start contributing.

Todo - How to contribute

  • Add more filters
  • Add ability to toggle what columns to view
  • clean up UI
  • Find new ways to display the data. graphs?

To Run

To install all dependencies and run a local web server use the command npm start

To contribute make a fork and submit a pull request. Or create a fork and setup your own gh-pages branch to host your own version of the project.

Use git subtree to just deploy the app directory to your gh-pages branch. This will allow you to host at

Once setup you can just commit like normal to your main branch then just push the app directory as a git subtree to the gh-pages branch. Use the following command git subtree push --prefix app or use the ./ script file

Download Fantasy JSON Data


  • gem install mechanize

In a shell scrip run the following with your own Fantasy Premier League Credentials

./ password