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Joe Kampschmidt's (Joe's Code) Personal Website/Blog

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The website is a static site built with Poole and Jekyll.

To test change to the project directory and run the following command

jekyll serve --watch

Then browse to http://localhost:4000/

Pull requests will be accepted for any typos or editing and your contribution will be credited.

Asset Pipeline

  • gem install jekyll-asset-pipeline
  • gem install yui-compressor

Script to Compress static content


Run on unix web server


# This script should be uploaded to the web server.

use warnings;
use strict;
use File::Find;
find (\&wanted, ("."));
sub wanted
 if (/(.*\.(?:html|htm|css|js)$)/i) {
     print "Compressing $File::Find::name\n";
     system ("gzip --keep --best --force $_");

To Deploy

jekyll serve
git commit -m "
git push origin master