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wrapper of Getopt::Long and simple variable interpolation in R
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This package wraps the powerful Perl module Getopt::Long and keeps almost all features of it. The syntax of option specification is as same as Getopt::Long. So if you are coming from Perl and you know Getopt::Long, it would be no difficulty with using it. This package supports default values, imports option names into working environment, and automatically generates help messages. The usage is very simple:

cutoff = 0.05
    "cutoff=f", "cutoff of something (default is 0.05)",
    "input=s%", "input file",
    "verbose!", "print messages"

Then you can run this script by:

Rscript foo.R --cutoff 0.01 --input file=foo.txt --verbose
Rscript foo.R -i file=foo.txt -v
Rscript foo.R -i file=foo.txt --no-verbose

Help message can be automatically generated:

> Rscript test_list.R --help
Usage: Rscript foo.R [options]

  --cutoff numeric
    cutoff of something (default is 0.05)

  --input { name=character, ... }
    input file

    print messages

    Print help message and exit

    Print version information and exit

This package also supports simple variable interpolation in R, which means you can embed variables into texts directly, just like in Perl.

r = c(1, 2)
value = 4
name = "name"
qq("region = (@{r[1]}, @{r[2]}), value = @{value}, name = '@{name}'")

So it would be much easier for you to construct complicated texts instead of using annoying paste.

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