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This is a project I'm using to practice CSS and HTML. The goal is to create a copy of the Google homepage, at least in appearance, using HTML and CSS. Desired learning outcomes are to become more proficient with HTML, CSS and Git. By the completion of the project, I will have demonstrated my ability to create a webpage, based on pre-existing content, using CSS and HTML and will also have demonstrated my ability to use Git and GitHub for version control.

The original idea for this project comes from The Odin Project's [curriculum] (

Update After Basic Project Completion

I've made the page look basically like the Google Homepage. After completion, I noticed that there is some variance in appearance of the Google Homepage from browser to browser. I used Firefox while working on this, so that's the Google i tailored mine to, but the spacing and search bar length, etc. ends up a little different in Safari and Chrome. I learned a whole lot about positioning elements and about styling elements from this project. Google did a very good job of creating a very accessible website for various users, while also creating a smooth and easy-to-look-at interface. If I was to redo the project, I would aim for better neatness of code, especially in the CSS. I might also define my containers differently, creating more divs, with various classes, in the HTMl to help differentiate between different areas and make it easier to map the page out as a whole. I am happy with how the finished webpage turned out, but not happy with how hacked out the coding felt. I did a lot of pixel adjustments using padding and margin, one pixel at a time, from the CSS and would rather be doing this with some method or intention, rather that trying to guess and check for magic numbers.

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