A jekyll theme, simple and clear, compatible with PC iPad and Phone (RWD)
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A jekyll theme, simple and clear, compatible with PC iPad and Phone (RWD)


PC or Pad



  1. Compatible with PC iPad and Phone (RWD)
  2. Support blogger mood-talk(说说)
  3. Support post subdirs as post categories
    _post/linux/nodejs/2016-9-1-About-Nodejs.md => linux and nodejs would merge into the post categories
  4. Support pagination
  5. Support pinning posts

What Must To Be Set!

title:         # your title
author:        # your name
email:         # your email
description: > # your description

domain: "http://yourdomain.github.io" # your domain

page_size: 2   # your pagination page size

duoshuo_short_name: "sbys"              # your duoshuo name xxx.duoshuo.com
duoshuo_user_uid: "6324572809590735618" # your duoshuo user uid
duoshuo_user_name: "xk"                 # your duoshuo user name

google_analytics_id: ""                 # your google analytics id
baidu_tongji_id: ""                     # your baidu tongji id

NOTE If you do NOT set the duoshuo short name, all comments would commit to this demo site !


assume the github username is "hello" then:

  1. create a repository named "hello.github.io"
  2. clone this repository
    git clone https://github.com/jokinkuang/stepbystep.git
  3. push the whole thing to your repo "hello.github.io"
    git remote set-url origin https://github.com/hello/hello.github.io.git
    git push origin master
  4. browse "hello.github.io"

if your github username is "world" then replace upper "hello" all to "world"

Custom Domain

if you want to visit "www.hello.com" instead of "hello.github.io" then:

  1. create a file named "CNAME" (the file is already exist)
  2. buy the "www.hello.com" domain
  3. add following to the "CNAME"
  4. go to the Shop where your domain bought and set the Domain DNS to:
    | prefix | record-type | host |
    | www | CNAME | hello.github.io |
  5. wait a long long time
  6. browse "www.hello.com"

Custom Your Site

  1. you need a duoshuo account
  2. you need a google-analytics account
  3. all settings are in _config.yml


whoever use this theme please add your site to the wiki


see Release

How It works



Under The MIT License