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Minimalistic zip/unzip library released into public domain. There is now also simple demo for creating a zip file with or without compression!

Written by Joonas Pihlajamaa ( For details about this project, see:


The codebase is very lean and should be easy to understand, and port to any system. Compiling the example on most systems with zlib installed:

gcc -DHAVE_ZLIB junzip_demo.c junzip.c -lz -o junzip_demo

If you don't want the zlib dependency but need decompression, puff.c by Mark Adler (part of zlib contrib suite) is included and you can include it instead of zlib:

gcc -DHAVE_PUFF junzip_demo.c junzip.c puff.c -o junzip_demo

You can also compile a "no compression" version without either above dependencies and use clang as well as gcc:

clang junzip_demo.c junzip.c -o junzip_demo


On Windows, MinGW requires -mno-ms-bitfields compilation flags, so you may want to use the supplied Makefile and build the junzip_demo and other utilities in one go:


You can make the zlib-enabled versions easily as well to get fast decompression and compression support to jzip_demo (not just store):

make HAVE_ZLIB=1

Or the lighter but bit slower puff.c powered decompression without the zlib dependency (and no compression, just store in jzip_demo):

make HAVE_PUFF=1

A small make_clang.bat is also provided just for laughs.

Included executables

Warning, both the jzip_demo and junzip_demo WILL overwrite files silently! Zip demo assumes last parameter is the target and overwrites that file, and unzip demo overwrites any files already within the directory with contents of the zip. Be careful!

  • junzip_demo unzips the
  • jzip_demo file1 file2 creates a zip file
  • junzip_dump dumps the headers in
  • junzip_test checks if structures are the right size



Minimalistic unzip library released into public domain.




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