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Debug toolbar for Zend Framework

Updating deprecated files

Memory, Registry and Time have been removed. They have been deprecated
for a long time and are replaced by the Log and Variable plugins.

Constants plugin is now deprecated as well and functionality has been
moved to Variables.
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Octocat-spinner-32 library Updating deprecated files October 07, 2013
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ZFDebug - a debug bar for Zend Framework

ZFDebug is a plugin for the Zend Framework for PHP5, providing useful debug information displayed in a small bar at the bottom of every page.

Time spent, memory usage and number of database queries are presented at a glance. Additionally, included files, a listing of available view variables and the complete SQL command of all queries are shown in separate panels:

The available plugins at this point are:

  • Cache: Information on Zend_Cache, APC and Zend OPcache (for PHP 5.5).
  • Database: Full listing of SQL queries from Zend_Db and the time for each.
  • Exception: Error handling of errors and exceptions.
  • File: Number and size of files included with complete list.
  • Html: Number of external stylesheets and javascripts. Link to validate with W3C. for custom memory measurements.
  • Log: Timing information of current request, time spent in action controller and custom timers. Also average, min and max time for requests.
  • Variables: View variables, request info and contents of $_COOKIE, $_POST and $_SESSION

Installation & Usage

To install, place the folder 'ZFDebug' in your library path, next to the Zend folder. Then add the following method to your bootstrap class (in ZF1.8+):

protected function _initZFDebug()
    $autoloader = Zend_Loader_Autoloader::getInstance();

    $options = array(
        'plugins' => array('Variables', 
                           'Database' => array('adapter' => $db), 
                           'File' => array('basePath' => '/path/to/project'),
                           'Cache' => array('backend' => $cache->getBackend()), 
    $debug = new ZFDebug_Controller_Plugin_Debug($options);

    $frontController = $this->getResource('frontController');

Further documentation will follow as the github move progresses.

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