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+Webgrind is an [Xdebug]( profiling web frontend in PHP5. It implements a subset of the features of [kcachegrind]( and installs in seconds and works on all platforms. For quick'n'dirty optimizations it does the job. Here's a screenshot showing the output from profiling:
+It is possible that a larger number of kcachegrind features will be implemented in the future, bringing webgrind closer to completing one of the [suggested PHP Google Summer of Code 2008]( At this point nothing has been planned, though.
+ * Super simple, cross platform installation - obviously :)
+ * Track time spent in functions by self cost or inclusive cost. Inclusive cost is time inside function + calls to other functions.
+ * See if time is spent in internal or user functions.
+ * See where any function was called from and which functions it calls.
+Suggestions for improvements and new features are more than welcome - this is just a start.
+Mailing list is available through the [webgrind google group](
+ # Download webgrind
+ # Unzip package to favourite path accessible by webserver.
+ # Load webgrind in browser and start profiling
+See the [Installation page on Google Code]( for more
+Webgrind is written by [Joakim Nygård]( and [Jacob Oettinger]( It would not have been possible without the great tool that Xdebug is thanks to [Derick Rethans](
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