the profiler file dropdown is not enough #38

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hi dev i have an require
can you help me?
i need an list of profiler this list can show the total cost time
when the profiler much more than 4G i found very slow on loading index.php
it's too hard to find the file on the list :(


I am not sure I understand the question/issue.

I assume "4G profiler" means 4GB a profiling file, then I do not think there is much we can do, PHP is not fast enough to parse such a file. You could consider having a look at kCacheGrind og winCacheGrind.


The screenshot shows a table. I am not understanding the request. But regardless, webgrind will never be able to handle 4gb files within a resonable amount time.

Consider using one of the alternative programs i mentioned.

I you think it is possible to have php parse such a file, feel free to implement it your self, and send us a pull request.


yeah i already write one but have an bug
when i foreach the profiler the xdebug is outputing(my current page). so always output and the memory not enought system down....
now the code arrive basic version 1.0 release of webgrind

  • @author ChangLong Xu
  • profiler file list */ error_reporting(0); set_time_limit(30); require 'config.php'; require 'library/FileHandler.php'; //style ?> *{padding:0;margin:0;} body{font-size:12px;} td{border-bottom:1px solid #000;font-size:12px;height:15px;} th{font-size:14px;background-color:#cfcfcf;height:30px;} table{border:1px solid #000;}

log list

getTraceList(); $pagesize=25; $totalcount=count($tracelist); $pagenum=(isset($_GET["p"])?$_GET["p"]:1); $i=($pagenum-1)*25; $maxi=$i+25; $totalpage=($totalcount/$pagesize); for(;isset($tracelist[$i])&&($i<$maxi);$i++ ) { $fileinfo=$tracelist[$i]; $reader = Webgrind_FileHandler::getInstance()->getTraceReader($fileinfo["filename"], get('costFormat',"msec")); $fileinfo["costtime"]=$reader->formatCost($reader->getHeader('summary'), 'msec'); ?>
url microsecond size

echo "
current page:".$pagenum." use time:".(microtime(true)-$start)."

echo " ".($i+1)."";


I am sorry but we am unable to do php support in this issue tracker.

This is for issues and feature requests. As I mentioned, we do not think webgrind is the correct place to implement support for 4GB files. So I am declining this feature request. Sorry.

You are of course free to fork the project and try to implement it anyway.

@oetting oetting closed this Aug 17, 2012

no worry about 4GB profiler
i only want an list of profiler page
this page can list all profiler and costtime summary


Ok. Then you should implement that.

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