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This site is built to be statically output and deployable. It is localized for English and Icelandic.

Instead of using a web framework to serve the site I wanted to use only Brunch, which is a great front end assembler that allows you to code in Stylus, CoffeeScript, configure the joining of files, compression etc. I'm used to coding sites in Flask however, and block based templating and localization of content with gettext was missing. To get the best of both worlds I treat the asset directory in Brunch as a template folder, and create a site tree for each language. For this I created jinjet; a command line utility that I hope you find useful.


1. Bootstrap Brunch

git clone && cd aldin
mkdir node_modules
npm install
brunch watch -s

Brunch should now have output the site in public/. We still need to compile each locale.

2. Install jinjet in a Python environment

mkvirtualenv --distribute jinjet
pip install git+git://

3. Compile localized site trees

jinjet -vv

See jinjet documentation for documentation on updating and compiling translation catalogs, even adding more locales.

/public folder is deployable. You will want to configure the server to redirect from the root path / to /<lang>/, otherwise people will see a bunch of unrendered jinja templates.

This NGiNX config did the trick:

server {
  listen 80;
  rewrite ^(.*)$1 permanent;

server {
  listen 80;
  location =/ {
    rewrite ^ /is/ redirect;
  location / {
    root /web/aldin;
    index index.html;
    expires -1d;