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Update filename note in contributing guide

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jolaleye committed Apr 27, 2019
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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ Effects are made by adding a Vue component to the `effects/` directory. There ar
3. Use the site's red (`#fc2f70`) & blue (`#3cefff`) theme colors as accents alongside whites, grays, and blacks.
4. Try to match the size of other effects.
5. If an effect requires interaction, make it clear. For example add a hover effect to the word "Hover".
6. Use kebab-case file names prefixed with the effect type (e.g. `loader-ring`). Since effects are collected in alphabetical order, this groups them in the grid.
6. Use kebab-case filenames prefixed with the effect type (e.g. `loader-ring`). The filename prefix identifies effects when the user chooses filters.

> If your editor automatically formats files on save, it may do things like indent the Vue template or replace single quotes with double quotes. These changes can mess with the source code shown in the inspection modal. To avoid this, either temporarily disable formatting or save without formatting (e.g. in VSCode, open the command palette and choose _File: Save without formatting_).

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