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@jolars jolars released this Feb 6, 2018 · 334 commits to master since this release

Major changes

  • plot.euler() has been rewritten completely from scratch, now using
    a custom grid-based implementation rather than lattice. As a result,
    all panel.*() functions and label() have been deprecated as well
    as arguments fill_alpha, auto.key, fontface, par.settings,
    default.prepanel, default.scales, and panel. The
    method for plotting diagrams has also changed---rather than overlaying
    shapes on top of each other, the diagram is now split into separate polygons
    using the polyclip package. Instead of relying on semi-transparent fills,
    the colors of the fills are now blended in the CIELab color space (#16).
  • The default color palette has been resdesigned from scratch to suit the
    new plot method.
  • A new function eulerr_options() have been provided in order to set
    default grahical parameters for the diagrams.

Minor changes

  • Arguments counts and outer_strips to plot.euler() are now defunct.
  • euler() now always returns ellipse-based parameters
    with columns h, k, a, b, and phi, regardless of which shape is used.
    This item was previously named "coefficients", but it now called
    "ellipses" instead and a custom coef.euler() method has been added to
    make cure that coef() still works.
  • Layouts are now partially normalized so that diagrams will look
    approximately the same even with different random seeds.

Bug fixes

  • Providing custom labels to quantities and labels arguments of
    plot.euler() now works correctly (#20).
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