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eulerr 6.0.0

@jolars jolars released this
· 74 commits to master since this release
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New features

  • In plot.euler(), percentages can be added to the plot in addition to or
    instead of counts by providing a list to the quantities argument
    with an item type that can take any combination of counts and percent.
    This change also comes with a redesign of the grid graphics
    implementation for labels.
  • eulerr_options() gains a new argument
    padding which controls the amount of padding between labels and quantities.
  • plot.euler() now uses code from the ggrepel package to prevent
    labels from overlapping or escaping the plot area if adjust_labels is
    set to TRUE.
  • A new vignette featuring a gallery of plots from the package has been

Minor changes

  • The default cex for quantity labels has changed from 1.0 to 0.9.
  • Labels for sets that overlap are now merged (partly fixes #45)
  • The fill colors for sets which are completely contained within another set
    are now once again composed of a mix of the color of the subset and
    the superset.
  • Plotting data has been exposed in a data slot in the object created
    by calling to plot.euler() (#57)

Bug fixes

  • An error in layout normalization that occurred sometimes
    with ellipses has been fixed.